When In Bruges

Jul 28

Song of The Day: Meet the Frownies — Twin Sister

Jul 26

Song of The Day: Put The Book Back on the Shelf — Belle and Sebastian (Push Barman to Open Old Wounds)
always love belle and sebastian, recently been trying to dig deeper into their repertoire, exciting stuff!

Jul 25

Song of The Day: Silver Jenny Dollar — The New Pornographers (Together)
they come to atlanta this fall, dream coming true! 

Apr 19

Song of the Day: Yeah Oh Yeah — Magnetic Fields 
"So it’s over, you and I
Was my whole life just a lie?
Yeah Oh yeah”

Mar 29

Song of the Day: Did You See the Words — Animal Collective
And in a house so cozy few words are spoken Let’s take our shoes off and unwind when there’s minuets off in the background drowning out eyes off ears off test the kiss Goodnight. A kiss goodnight
Don’t keep my loving on my mind.

"Does anyone in here get hit with inside fever, So bad sometimes it’s hard to move around? They’ll show you all the things you are not doing, Instead of helping you they’ll block ya out. And you’re whining you shouldn’t waste your morning, But the couch fibers kept you inside. I’m so sorry I came in late this evening, But all the clocks around the town had died, And all the fruit stores colors were so bright, With couples smiling, cooking things tonight, And what were all those troubles on my mind? Yes, I took a walk."

- animal collective 

Mar 23
Feb 23

Song of The Day: I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) — Lykke Li
"I follow deep sea baby" might sound like a lame quote…but this song is danceeeee city. 

Feb 11

Song of The Day: Unfucktheworld — Angel Olsen
I started dancing just to be around you”

Feb 6

Song of The Day: Neverland — The Knife
Vulnerable heights, Feed the hand that bites me”

Feb 6

Song of the Day: You’re the One — Wyla
"eyes that actually look at mine"